The Challenges of Sourcing Table Lamps: A Real-Life Case Study

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From 80% ACOS to 20%: Our Incredible Journey to Amazon Success

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Cut Your CPC in Half: The Ultimate Keyword Match Type Strategy

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How did i reduce BSR from 20,000 to below 7,000 within 5 weeks?

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How to beat a competitive niche on Amazon? Strategy Revealed

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Importance of negative keyword targeting in PPC optimization

⚠️Warning! If you are thinking of ignoring this post, it can cost you thousands of dollars.Because without negative keyword targeting, it’s likely your ads appear for hundreds, if not thousands, of searches that are: ✅ Irrelevant ✅ Unprofitable ✅ Have low click-through-rates, CTR ✅ Have low conversion rates, CVR That’s why follow this post if…. […]