Don’t Make the Same Mistake We Did: The Importance of Relevant Images in Product Launches

Are you tired of low sales and wasted ad spend on Amazon?
The problem may be in your product images.
You see, on Amazon, customers can’t physically touch or try on your product, so they rely heavily on the images to make their purchasing decision.
If your images are low-quality, irrelevant or incomplete, you’ll miss out on potential customers and sales.
But with the right product images, you can showcase your product in the best light, attract more customers and increase your conversion rate.
Don’t stop and keep reading to learn a simple change in product images boosted our conversion rate by 10%.


While doing this, we didn’t prioritize ranking, which resulted in a reduced CTR.
However, this proved beneficial for us as we got rid of irrelevant clicks and started getting relevant clicks that finally generated sales for us.
This smart move resulted in an increase in our conversion rate by 10%.


We were excited to see a high click-through rate (CTR) on our new product launch, but soon realized that our conversion rate wasn’t as good as we had hoped.


Upon further investigation, we found that the issue was with our images. They were not perfectly describing our product and were irrelevant to the keywords we were targeting.


For example, in a relevant keyword there was a difference in quantity, but we didn't mention that quantity on our images.


This lack of information led to irrelevant clicks and a waste of PPC spending.


Our competitors had already mentioned the quantity in the title and highlighted it in the images, which is why they were performing better than us.


We knew we had to make a change, so we implemented the same strategy and showed exactly what we were selling in our images. We also mentioned all the details in the title.

Final Learning:

This case study shows that we shouldn’t only focus on numbers but also deeply understand the entire customer journey and marketing funnel to generate a large number of sales at low PPC spending.
That’s all for today. Bye, folks.
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