How to beat a competitive niche on Amazon? Strategy Revealed

Frustrated of competing with big brands to rank on top?

Burning your hard-earned money in PPC but still facing disappointment?

Every seller in any niche is in trouble adjusting their place on top because selling on Amazon is becoming increasingly difficult daily.

The Beauty niche is one of the most competitive niches on Amazon; anyone who belongs to the beauty niche will agree with us.

But we dared to accept the challenge and break all the stereotypes about competing with The Big Brands.

There’s a bonus tip at the end of this post. So, read till last, or keep complaining about the competition on Amazon.


As you can see in the attached screenshot, within the next 3 to 4 weeks, products started ranking on top and getting sales. Especially in Q4, our sales velocity is aggressively increasing, and ACOS is significantly decreasing.

Learning from this case study is, instead of dividing your ad budget on multiple keywords to drive more traffic:

✅Shortlist your top competitors and deeply analyze them
✅Focus only on good-performing keywords and bid at a competitive level
✅Keep tracking and scaling good-performing campaigns

This is how we are improving ranking and generating more sales. What are your takes from this case study?

Share your learnings and opinions in the comments. Also, remember to follow us for more exciting case studies every day. {This is the Bonus Tip we promised at the start}


In June, {Brand Name} approached us in a devastating situation. We spent time analyzing all the campaigns and found the following problems:


In the past, they ran only brand and defensive campaigns and targeted many keywords under the budget cap. That's why it wasn't easy to track the performance of each keyword. Moreover, the ad budget was divided into many irrelevant keywords, and due to high bids on each keyword, no keyword was bidding at the competitive level to rank on top.


So, how should we design a funnel to drain more sales into the pipeline in this situation? (Write your strategy in the comment)


Let's dive into the strategy we implemented to increase sales and reduce ACOS.


After a deep analysis, we started working in July. We shifted all the campaigns to Sponsored Brand Campaigns and only picked good-performing keywords. We focused only on shortlisted keywords at high bids and scaled them in broad and exact campaigns.
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