Cut Your CPC in Half: The Ultimate Keyword Match Type Strategy

Are you tired of watching your CPC soar through the roof? Look no further!
Because in this post, we’ll share the ultimate strategy to cut your CPC in half – mastering the art of keyword match types!
Let’s understand The Ultimate Keyword Match Type Strategy with a real-life case study of a UK Account


The results speak for themselves (See attached screenshot). Over time, our efforts paid off, and the ACOS began to decrease every month.
Not only did we scale our PPC campaigns, but we were also able to reduce the ACOS.
Our main focus was to reduce the CPC, and we achieved this by running good-performing keywords in those match types where the bid was low.
Moreover, in this specific niche, we required more clicks to get a good conversion rate due to the low average conversion rate of the niche and the broad nature of the keywords.
By applying the ultimate keyword match type strategy, we were able to achieve success for our client and you can generate miraculous results too using this strategy.


We started this UK marketplace account and looking after different products of this account. In one particular product case, our client was facing an issue with a high ACOS, which was directly impacting their bottom line.
But, as any good marketer knows, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution.


To reduce the ACOS, our team decided to focus on reducing the CPC (cost per click). How did we do this? By utilizing a strategic approach to keyword match types.
First, we emphasized on the importance of match type and its utilization. We then consistently applied negative targeting to eliminate irrelevant keywords from our campaigns.
Next, we conducted thorough research for relevant keywords and identified already-running keywords that were performing well in search terms at low bids.
By extracting these keywords and running them in different match types, we were able to pinpoint where the bid was low and optimize our campaigns accordingly.
For example, we checked the bids of a specific keyword in all three match types (broad, phrase, and exact) and found that the bid was lowest in the phrase match type.
This allowed us to run the keyword in that specific match type, reducing the CPC and, ultimately, the ACOS.
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