Stop Wasting Money on Irrelevant Clicks | Or | The Power of Pre-Negative Phrase Targeting

Are you tired of wasting ad spend on irrelevant clicks in your campaigns? Look no further, as we have found the solution to all your problems.
Let’s experience the real power of Pre-Negative Phrase Targeting from a real-life case study.


In one of our client’s accounts, we were facing the issue of irrelevant clicks.


After conducting thorough product research and market analysis, we were able to understand the unique selling points of the product and separate those features which were not present in it.


We discovered that the irrelevant clicks were due to feature-based keywords that were not present in our product, but we were still running them in our campaigns.


These keywords were running across all types of campaigns - phrase, broad, and exact.


We enlisted all these irrelevant keywords from different campaigns and used them for pre-negative phrase targeting when we launched new campaigns.
This smart step helped us to generate only relevant clicks, resulting in sales at a good conversion rate.
Not only is this technique useful in broad, phrase, and brand campaigns, but it also generates profitable results in sponsored product campaigns.
By using this technique, we were able to roll out those feature-based keywords that were not relevant to our product.
Now we are saving ad spend and generating highly relevant clicks.

Final Learning:

In conclusion, the key to success in any campaign is to understand your product and market deeply. Find the real features of your product and separate those feature-based keywords that are not present in it.
Use these keywords for pre-negative phrase targeting in new campaigns.
Not only will this technique generate highly relevant clicks, but it will also save your client’s hard-earned money and save you from extra hassle.
Don’t let irrelevant clicks be the downfall of your campaigns. Take control and implement pre-negative phrase targeting in your next campaign for optimal results.
Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.
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