How did i reduce BSR from 20,000 to below 7,000 within 5 weeks?

Tired of spending money on PPC and thriving for organic sales?

And struggling to improve BSR too?

Congratulations! We are giving an Experimental BSR Improving Technique in this post free of cost.

Read this post completely to learn how to outrank your competitor.

Let’s dive into the science behind the Amazon BSR algorithm.

Amazon Sales Rank or BSR number indicates the sales performance of a product relative to the other product in the same category.

For example, Product listing A has BSR 5, and product listing B has BSR 6. It explains that product listing A is getting more sales from product listing B in the same category.

In short, get more sales to improve BSR – easily said than done.

Let’s learn how to increase sales velocity to improve BSR with a real-life case study.


No doubt CPC, ACOS, and TACOS go up due to aggressive PPC, but this is temporary. Once we maintain a higher rank, our organic sales will increase, and TACOS will decrease.
In Q4, our organic orders increased by up to 30% due to increased sales velocity.
As a result, BSR has ranked between 7000 to 9000 (Check the attached Screenshot) and continuously improving.
So, due to low BSR, our product’s visibility has increased, and we are getting more organic sales.
We plan to continue this strategy and optimize campaigns daily to maximize the overall results.
If you want to know how this strategy will decrease TACOS and increase profit, follow us to see the final results after a few weeks.
Till then, implement this strategy in your campaigns and share it with your connections.


BSR of our products was jumping back and forth between 18,000 to 20,000 in the beauty niche. Because we were following the ACOS base approach, doing PPC at a conservative budget and lowest bids to maintain CPC. We were getting more than 85% PPC sales, so overall profit was equal to none.

We scheduled a meeting with the client and convinced him why we should focus on TACOS metrics instead of ACOS.


After taking his consent, we conducted a deep analysis of all the campaigns and shortlisted best-performing keywords for an aggressive PPC approach.

We targeted these keywords and a few new keywords at higher bids in exact campaigns because the Amazon algorithm gives 100% to exact matches.

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