From 80% ACOS to 20%: Our Incredible Journey to Amazon Success

Do you find yourself accidentally unmerging listings and causing a mess in your PPC campaigns? Well, you’re not alone.
This is a common problem many sellers face on Amazon, and it can be a real headache.
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The Shocking Mistake That Nearly Destroyed Our Amazon PPC Campaigns (But We Turned it Around)
Recently, we had a client trying to make a few changes to his listings in a different country via a flat file.
Unfortunately, when he uploaded the file, the same changes were reflected in another country’s listings where we did not want to change them.
This mistake proved to be a blunder as it created a mess between the merger and unmerger of child ASINs.


The first two weeks after making these changes, nothing seemed to be working in our favor.
But after 14 days, the ball started rolling in our direction, and as a result, our ACOS dropped back to 20% and remained balanced there.
Additionally, our BSR improved miraculously, and we are now ranked as the 2nd-best seller in our main category.


The result of this mistake was devastating.


Our BSRs (Best Seller Rankings) took a nose dive and touched the lowest bottom, while our ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales) shot up to sky-high levels.


Our average ACOS were 20-22%, but they increased up to 80%. This was a huge problem for us, and we knew we had to find a solution fast.


At this point, many inexperienced PPC managers would have lost their minds and destroyed the entire structure of their PPC campaigns.
But we understood the Amazon algorithm and knew that waiting and giving time for the algorithm to understand the new changes was the best course of action.
Instead of panicking, we increased our ad budget and lowered our product price by 1 pound to generate more sales in less time.
While the algorithm was digesting the changes, we were trying to generate maximum sales. This brave strategy helped the Amazon algorithm give value to our listings and increase our BSR.

Final Learning:

The golden tip of this case study is that the problem is not always with your PPC console.
We should not confine our problem-solving research to just the PPC console.
We should keenly explore the entire account and try to find the real problem.
In this case, our client’s mistake in unmerging listings was the root cause of the problem, and by addressing it, we were able to turn things around and achieve success.
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