Importance of negative keyword targeting in PPC optimization

⚠️Warning! If you are thinking of ignoring this post, it can cost you thousands of dollars.
Because without negative keyword targeting, it’s likely your ads appear for hundreds, if not thousands, of searches that are:
That’s why follow this post if….

Your PPC campaigns appear in thousands of impressions, but only a few people click.

ACOS is constantly frightening your wallet?

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the shocking decrease in ACOS and the surprising rise in the sales graph.

Read this case study till last to learn how we can use negative keywords to increase CTR and Conversion.

Before we jump into the case study, let’s know what negative keywords are.

Negative keywords are those we target in our ad campaigns when we don’t want our ads to appear on these specific keywords.

And why do we do that?

Because these keywords are highly irrelevant to our product, due to this irrelevancy between search terms and product, CTR and conversion rate are very low as compared to impressions.

That’s why we target negative keywords and show our ads only on relevant keywords.

In the following case study, we’ll try to teach you the importance of negative keyword targeting with the help of an example.


We took over this account in June when its ACOS was 110% (check the attached screenshot). The niche was very broad, and audience targeting was a major challenge for us. Our task was to decrease ACOS.

After a deep analysis of all campaigns, we observed the following challenges that generally increase the ACOS:

If you can successfully overcome these stats, you’ll start getting your desired results.


As you can see in the graph, within 30 days, sales’ crossed ad spend and continuously ACOS id dropping. During 5 months, ACOS has been decreasing by 45%, and in Q4, we expect to drop it further.

We are assuming that you have learned the importance of negative keywords.

Further, if you want to know how to find negative keywords and target them, type “yes” in the comments.

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In this case study, our most difficult challenge was developing relevancy between targeted keywords and the product’s target audience. For that purpose, we highly focused on extensive negative keyword targeting to build high relevancy between the target audience and search terms.
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