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Learn the secret of beating Amazon competition before it’s too Late!

Are you struggling to keep up with the competition on Amazon?
With so many sellers selling similar products, it can be a tough market to navigate.
But don’t let the pressure get to you! The secret to beating your competitors is right at your fingertips with competitor analysis.
Don’t fight alone. Let competitor analysis be your savior in the battle against Amazon’s competition. Just take a look at our real-time example in the competitive niche of “Beauty and Care.”


We constantly check our product market and do competitor analysis. One day, we observe that a new competitor is becoming a giant magnet, driving most of the traffic and generating sales at a high conversion rate.

But what did we observe?

He’s burning enough budget on marketing (due to high CPC in this niche) and driving all the traffic.
When we compared our listing with the competitor’s listing, we found that they:


Less No. of reviews (300) from our listing (570) – 1st plus point


High price than our listing – 2nd plus point


No variation, only a single product, but we have multiple variations of size – 3rd plus point

So, what did we do?

We leveraged these plus points and started aggressive ASIN targeting.

As a result, the Amazon algorithm ranked our listing on top of all the keywords which showed his product in search results.

We successfully diverted his traffic to our listing at a very low PPC cost.
After this smart step at the right time, our listing is driving low-cost traffic and converting at the rate of 40% to 50%, which is amazing.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Learn the secret of beating Amazon’s competition with competitor analysis today!
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