Warning! Irrelevant keywords in PPC campaigns can cost you Thousands of Potential sales. How?

Imagine you launch an Amazon PPC campaign using an assortment of irrelevant keywords. Now, what do you think? Will your campaign work?

Technically, yes! It will come in the search results, but the Audience will find it irrelevant, and your chances of getting conversion afterwards will be minimal.

That’s how {Brand Name} losing more than $10,000 in sales every month. If you want to become the next {Brand Name} and lose thousands of dollars each month…..

Read this post completely and learn how we increased monthly sales by $10,000 and reduced ACOS within 30 days?


Increased monthly sales and kept ACOS consistent. We increased the monthly sales by $10,000 and reduced ACOS by 1.24% within 30 days.

You can also increase your conversion rate by searching relevant keywords because they:

Engage the Audience and convince them to click the ‘Buy Now button.

Expand Your Network and explain to your visitors the Unique Selling Points that your competitors’ products don’t have.

Increase conversion rate by searching the target audience and appealing to them towards the right product.

Now, what are you waiting for? Use Helium 10 or Viral Launch and find the relevant keyword before it’s too late.

Share your key learnings in the comments, and DON’T forget to follow us for valuable learning case studies.



{Brand Name} was running multiple sponsored ad campaigns. All campaigns were burning more than $4.6k monthly and appearing on average 745,000 impressions.


Unfortunately, the campaigns were misguided by irrelevant keywords, and they were all appearing to irrelevant Audiences who were not searching for his products.


Due to massive irrelevancy between products and targeted keywords, he's losing a big chunk of monthly sales.

How do we solve this issue and increase the conversion rate?

As we know that Amazon keyword research is integral for pay-per-click ad campaigns. The efficiency of targeted keywords ascertains the success of any PPC ad campaign in drawing consumer attention and scoring clicks on the ads.
We targeted three critical points for researching the Golden Keywords.
We aligned these keywords in video campaigns and product collection campaigns. Then we conducted a product demand analysis using Helium 10 to check which product was selling in demand. Again, the results were shocking because {Brand Name} was missing several in-demand products in PPC campaigns.
We targeted these products in new campaigns and achieved more than our goal.
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