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Learn how i reduced the FBA fee up to 41% by doing one change.

You are working hard building aggressive strategies to bring sales and generate revenue, but the Amazon FBA fee is cutting your bottom line.

Do you feel that you are giving more charges and there should be a way to reduce the fba fee?

Absolutely yes! You are paying extra FBA fee and if you want to play smart and learn the Amazon FBA fee reduction hack, read till last.

We were facing the same problem until we found a loophole that Amazon charges an FBA fee on the basis of product packaging style.

Instantly, we measured our product dimensions and found that we were paying $7 more for a 1-inch extra length.

With an 18 inches long and 1kg weight box, our packaging box was falling in “Small Oversize” tire and costing us $12.5 FBA fee.

Here, we played smartly and reduced the 1-inch length of the box. After customization, updated dimensions were 17in length, 13in width, and 7in height.

We packed our product in a “Large Standard-Size” Tire diagonally and successfully reduced the FBA fee by $5.1.

This is just one way to optimize your FBA fee. There are five more that we are sharing with you as a gift.

Complete guidance about each method will be shared soon. If you don’t want to miss any updates, follow us for all the latest news about Amazon.
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